Paul Allen the Lesser Climbs in Google

For years I have been hearing about the “real Paul Allen.” I was dubbed Paul Allen the Lesser by some of Utah’s VCs to keep me straight from the Microsoft/Vulcan Ventures Paul Allen.

But my blogging is paying off. I now rank #3 in Google for the query “Paul Allen.” Last year I was about #55, but I guess a lot of people are linking to my blog these days.

I always joked about contacting the real Paul Allen when I outranked him in Google to see if he wanted to invest in my search engine optimization company. I guess that day is rapidly approaching.

Last year I blogged about the benefits of blogging. I continue to find more. Last week I spent 30 minutes on the phone with some great Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who wanted to talk to me because of my “5 Most Valuable Services Most Entrepreneurs Can’t Afford” post. We had a great visit and I now have new friends in the Bay Area who want to keep in touch.

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  1. RoMay Allen

    Congrats Paul — that’s awesome! Pretty soon, you’ll be know as Paul the Greater Googler.

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