Profile of a $3,000 TV advertising campaign

Interesting Inc. article about doing low budget TV advertising and buying remnant inventory from TV stations to generate new business for your company. The $3,000 brings in 100 calls (that’s $30 per call) and generated web site traffic as well.

All internet marketers may want to become familiar with all traditional forms of advertising and marketing, since Google is moving into all of them: print, radio, television. I’m sure they’ll do outdoor eventually too, and who knows about direct mail. Google is going into the $74 billion TV advertising market (read what CEO Eric Schmidt says about Google and television) and the $20 billion radio advertising market (they already spent $1.1 billion to buy its way into radio.

I wonder if Google Analytics will eventually try to integrate with all of these other advertising channels to provide ROI tracking for marketers on every campaign in every medium.

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  1. Our model integrates, web and brick and mortar. It would be great if google analytics started integrating everything. I would love to have a streamlined marketing/advertising medium.

  2. I’ve been in the direct response TV business for 20 years, and the internet business for 7. In all that time, I’ve NEVER seen anyone who can accurately track offline generated leads through an online generated source. Of course, I

  3. Dave Bascom

    Google’s foray into print advertising was a bust from all the reports I’ve read. I’m sure they have high hopes to be able to take their advertising model and adapt it to other media, but I’m not convinced they’ll have much success with it. They’ve got the resources (cash) to do pretty much whatever they want, though, so they could prove me wrong on this one…only time will tell.

    And anlaytics…yeah, that would be sweet, but web analytics don’t even work right 100% of the time on the web, so I don’t see how they could possibly integrate with other “disconnected” media. That’s the problem with offline media, it’s much harder to track. Hopefully someday they’ll figure that one out.

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