Question about OTC and Pink Sheets Stocks

Serial entrepreneur Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari and Chuck E Cheese, is now running a startup company that is publicly traded because of a reverse merger last year. It is called uWink, with ticker symbol UWNK.OB. You can read about his fascinating rise and fall, from a net worth of $70 million to near bankruptcy. I’ve been tracking uWink which is now generating millions in revenues from it’s Snap and Bear Shop products. It’s hard to keep a serial entrepreneur down. I’m very interested to see how fast Bushnell can grow this company.

But I’m frustrated because I can’t tell how many outstanding shares uWink has. Here is uWink’s quarterly income statements. Can anyone tell me how I can find the number of outstanding shares for a bulletin board or pink sheets stock?


  1. What about for other OTC and Pink Shares companies? Is there any single source that tracks outstanding shares for these companies? (I suppose there must be a commercial stock trader data feed or software program that I could pay for to get this info.)

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