Raising Capital: Can Intermediaries Help?

A friend of mine doesn’t have many angel investor connections so he wants to go through a third-party finding company to locate sources of capital and to set up investor presentations. (His company has been profitable for 6 quarters and is growing steadily.) One of the companies he is considering using is Power Funding Strategies of Scottsdale, AZ. Has anyone heard of them who can comment on their credibility?

Or better yet, have you ever found capital by using a third party intermediary? If so, what can you share about it? Who is good, what are the typical fees, how long does it take?

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  1. FWIW as just *one* data point – For independents, I have seen retainers of $8000 to $10000 per month plus 5% of a qualified financing event (generally 6 to 9 months). If go the independent route, you may also want to do an internet search on “finders operating as unregistered broker-dealers” to see if there are any legal considerations.

  2. Gregg Killpack

    I just went through the Power Funding Strategies program and it is excellent. It cost me $3000 for the seminar and I am receiving additional support preparing my executive summary, use of proceeds, and other required documents, for free. They are a legitimate, low-cost service that I have found invaluable. If you have a sound business idea, I highly recommend them. They are the bridge that is enabling me to obtain money to start my business.

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