RIM extending BlackBerry server functionality

RIM adds instant messaging to BlackBerry server

Corporate apps devleoped under Blackberry MDS Studio are being made available to Blackberry users. Instant messaging has also been enabled.

This is a great platform. Through T-mobile, we just bought 8 Blackberry 7290 phones for $99.95 each. The data service (unlimited text messages, email and web browsing) is like $19.95 per month and the phone plans are decent.

I’m guessing the threatened shut-down forced RIM to get aggressive on pricing, and also the 7290 model is probably going to be replaced soon by a much better model.

But why in the world wouldn’t every company buy $99.95 blackberries for any employee that is on the go and needs email anywhere. This is a great deal!

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  1. Paul, let us readers know if you, in fact, ever power off your blackberry, thus not turning it into a “crackberry.”

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