Self Publishing: First Books, Now Videos

Bob Young, the founder of Red Hat formed a few years ago to enable authors to self publish books. The site has an Alexa ranking of 3,386. It has a nice 3-year Alexa chart.

Last week Lulu Enterprises launched, an online video sharing site where 80% of the revenue from subscribers will be shared with those who have uploaded video content. This revenue share is extremely generous. It will be interesting to see how many content providers will take the time to upload content here. There might be a catch-22 here: until there are enough paying subscribers, content providers might not want to make the effort to upload. But why would anyone pay $14.95 per month to subscribe when there is so much free video content on Google Video and YouTube, and dozens of other sites.

But content providers should be really happy that Lulu is pushing the envelope in terms of generous revenue sharing.

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  1. I agree. Personally speaking, I wouldn’t want to shell out $14.95 month after month in the hopes that there will one day be enough subscribers to recoup some of the membership fees. YouTube is not going away anytime soon, so I can’t imagine a paid site being able to divert much traffic.

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