Stock Prices of Internet Companies

I love MyYahoo, where I have 72 different portfolios consisting mainly of stocks that I do not own in categories that I have defined. So for example, I have a Music & Audio portfolio where I track and several other companies. Yahoo makes it very easy for me to track stock prices and news about each company.

Today I created a new portfolio that is a hand-picked subset of stocks listed by Yahoo Finance in the Internet Information Services industry.

I chose,, Audible,, iVillage, LookSmart, BankRate, Edgar Online, The Knot, and ADAM.

Here is the chart for these 10 internet stocks.

7 of the 10 companies are profitable. The average price to sales ratio is above 5.7. And for the profitable companies, the average price to EBITDA is above 92. So medium sized internet companies are getting pretty good multiples these days.

See all the companies Yahoo lists in the Internet Information Services category.

(By the way, I just wasted almost an hour trying to easily turn a spreadsheet into a simple HTML table that I could post using WordPress or an image that I could capture and add. I tried, but it only lets me display a thumbnail. Then I tried, but I couldn’t get the image to show up in my blog without ads. I need an application that lets me point to any portion of my screen and instantly blog it, without having to save a file and upload it or FTP it somewhere. Are there any solutions out there?)

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