Talented Utah Entrepreneur Seeking CS Team

Robert Stevens is on the verge of major success. He is a software engineer turned internet marketer/entrepreneur. He knows how to develop great software and market it successfully. He’s launching a disruptive business model in the architectural space using web services. Because he is a friend and has great ideas, and because anyone who works with him is going to get immersed in the tactics required for online success, I told him I’d post this recruitment message that he sent to me yesterday:

Hi Paul,

I’m looking for two Computer Science Instructors

needed to help manage a new software startup, to help

identify and hire top graduates with high potential,

learn the technologies they will learn, and to mentor

them on a part-time basis. Generous founders equity

will be given. We’ll create a series of companies. The

first is already in alpha testing.

Best Regards,

Robert Stevens, 423-7968

Here is the job description for the programmers:

Programmers wanted. Startup seeking computer science

graduates with entrepreneurial spirit for full-time

positions in Provo/Orem Utah. Experienced

professionals may apply too.

As part of the founding team, you must:

1. Be mentally prepared for exciting and demanding


2. Have the energy to be successful

3. Be self-paced and self-motivated

4. “Well schooled” in GUI/web development, data

structures, database design

5. Be considered “one of the best” by your peers

6. Have projects consistently graded as one of the

best in class

7. Be financially secured for six to eight months or

can get by with a base salary

8. Daily read from programming books

9. Welcome peer and customer constructive criticism

10. Commit for a minimum of 12 months

11. Be ready to trade short-term risks for that

ultimate “pile of gold” (or fame)

We will:

1. Train you in the latest and greatest Linux Web

programming technologies, entrepreneurial and Internet marketing strategies.

2. Pay for performance by offering generous equities

and bonuses

All interviewing candidates will require signing of

the company

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