Teaching Internet Marketing at BYU and all over

I’m starting my internet marketing class today at BYU. It’s Bus M 457. The class is Thursdays from 3:30 – 6:20. There are currently 29 students enrolled and room for more.

Today Marty Fahncke and I did our first Conference Call University teleconference call. We had 22 registrations for the call. Our next call will be in 2 weeks and we are hoping for 100 callers. Callers submit questions to Marty in advance and then he asks and I answer the questions, although he provides some great input as well. Today there were questions about fundraising for startups, pricing strategies, books to read, and how to focus on the most important things in a startup. The call was fun. I look forward to future calls. (Sign up for the next call)

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  1. Well, I think that I might start looking into cellphone capabiliites in searching world history!
    I enjoyed the conference call and encourage ANYONE who is an entrepreneur, or who is thinking of becoming one to get registered to hear the next call!

  2. Paul:

    I really enjoyed the conference call also, thanks for participating in that. It’s great to pick your brain a bit. Thanks for the book recommendations, and the bit about “owning” books. I usually get books from the library and if I like them enough then I go out and buy them. I am going to start writing more in them, so I can review and see what stood out to me quickly. I’ve been reading “Waiting for your cat to bark?” by Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg, it’s been fantastic for getting the perspective of an online customer, and overall for “persuading customers” in a media-filled world.

    Thanks for being real and for having a passion for helping people. That is inspiring.

  3. Paul:

    This is Michael Choi. You met with us and helped us with BoomYEAH (the visual online directory).

    I just wanted to let you know that I will be registering as a part time student at BYU so that I can take your class!

    I’ve watched all of your video lectures, and I must say I learned more during those hours than countless hours I spent on the internet trying to learn about internet marketing.

    With BoomYEAH, we’ve had struggles (mainly because of my lack of experiences and skills) and I am eager to learn more about how to make improvements.

    Jacob and I have always admired about you and your philosophies about business and helping people, and want to take our business the same way.

    I am excited to learn from you and hope that there is an open seat for me to register/audit. Will see you soon.


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