Top Candidate Web Sites, December 2003

I hadn’t seen this Comscore list of candidate political web sites until today. I’m compiling a list of the 100 most popular political web sites, not just candidate or party sites, but issue and advocacy sites of all kinds. Since I no longer have a subscription to, I have to create my list the hard way. But in the process I stumble upon all kinds of interesting sites and ideas. So maybe it’s worth it. Not really, if I had $30k sitting around, I’d love to buy a subscription to Comscore’s top 10,000 web sites report which they release monthly. I used to live for that report to be released each month. It was definitely a major factor in my ability to find up-and-coming web sites, to analyze the internet marketing practices used by the fastest growing sites, and to practice competitive intelligence.
So back to my blog. Here’s a December 2003 list of candidate web sites, ranked by unique visitors.

Visitors to Major Candidate and Party Sites

December 2003

Source: comScore Media Metrix Custom Data

Unique Visitors










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