Topics for this week’s “Live Friday”

Every Friday an energetic group of internet entrepreneurs and marketers meets at the Provo Labs Academy at 12:30 for a 60-90 minute run down of the hottest online business news of the week.

Some weeks we are blown away by the exciting announcements and new launches of venture-backed startup companies or the mind-blowing techtonic plate-shifting announcements that come from the major players in the industry, including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, AOL and IAC.

As I read my 70+ RSS feeds, I keep a running tally of some of the topics we will cover at Live Friday. Yesterday alone I added the following to my list for this week:

a. Michael Eisner,
b., user generated channels
c. Nintendo Mii challenges MySpace?
d. Google TV ad purchases, print, radio

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  1. John Terceman

    Dear Michael,

    I would like to send you a copy of Stuart Skorman’s new book — CONFESSIONS OF A SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR — Why I Can

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