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Here’s an interesting development in the genealogy world, posted by

Friends Reunited Buys 1901 Census for About $6 Million: In UK, community site Friends Reunited, which is looking for a buyout itself, has bought The National Archives 1901 Census for about $6 million, in a bid to boost membership of its ancestry website Genes Reunited.
Science and technology company QinetiQ previously owned the 1901 Census, which was digitised and made available online in 2002.
Friends Reunited predicts that the acquisition will boost its
overall revenues from $16 million this year to $27 million in 2006. (original post on

Earlier, on August 8th, posted an article claming that Friends Reunited was for sale and could fetch as much as $215 million.
That price seems way high, considering that has at least
seven or eight times as much revenue. I don’t think it woud “fetch”
billion if it were acquired today. On the other hand, if MySpace was
worth $580 million, then who knows . . .

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  1. Russell Page

    At the end of the day, it seems companies always pay way more in buyout situations than they should.

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