video of McCain endorsing Romney

When Mitt Romney ran for Governor of Massachusetts, Senator McCain couldn’t say enough about how great he was for the party, for Massachusetts, and what incredible integrity and honesty he had. It is one of the finest character endorsements I have ever seen. This is the kind of video clip I’d like to see broadcast by a major news outlet like CNN or MSNBC. It’s pretty funny, given the current race. Or maybe Romney should have used this in his Florida TV advertisements! (Thanks for the two friends who sent it to me today.)

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  1. David

    I think McCain might have continued with that glowing endorsement had Romney not so viciously attacked in Iowa and New Hampshire. He lost both states and turned from attacking and won Nevada, Michigan, and Wyoming. Now he is attacking again in Florida… I think Mitt is at least partially to blame for the way others have treated him in the race. He has run the most negative race of the republicans–something that has been quite disappointing to me.

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