vSpring Announces Top Entrepreneurs List for 2005

vSpring (one of Utah’s premier VC funds) has released its 2005 list of 100 promising entrepreneurs.

Last year I knew 32 of the individuals on the vSpring top 100 list. This year, after spending a lot of time in networking over the past year, I was happy to see that I know 45 of the people on this year’s list. The Utah high-tech community is quite small, and it isn’t that difficult to find opportunities to meet the key investors and entrepreneurs in our high-tech economy. Just join a few organizations like UITA, Mountain West Venture Group, Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum, and attend their meetings, and pretty soon you’ll know who’s who in Utah’s high-tech economy.

Why is this important? Because these are the people in our corner of the world who know how to dream big dreams, raise capital, recruit talent, and execute on business plans that will generate jobs and wealth for our community. If you can learn from the best, your own chances to succeed will increase.

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  1. Russell Page

    Hey… your on the list too … just kidding. I saw it. Congrats, and thanks for plugging these guys.

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