What blog topics are most popular?

A new study on blogging shows that technology, culture and political blogs are very popular in the United States.

In the list of the top 100 blogs in the United States, 34 are about technology, 26 cover culture and 25 deal with politics. Personal blogs accounted for only 3 of the top 100 – far lower than in other countries.

The report also states:

Technorati ranks blogs based on the number of sites linking to a blog within the previous six months. It estimates that the total number of blogs at over 56 million, with over 1.2 million posts written daily.

Only 1.2 million daily posts? That isn’t an overwhelming number. If you haven’t started blogging but want to become an expert on a subject that you love, start blogging. You’ll meet some great people, become a better writer, and learn a lot in the process as you look for things to write about.

There aren’t that many great blogs yet, so it’s not too late to start.

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  1. Hi :

    I am reading this with some awe …and a lot of anguish……while technology is the rage…with ‘young guys’…who probably make the majority of net users…I hope …

    what about human issues…creativity…..humor…poetry etc….??

    I write on issues like these…. (http://bhaskarbenjamin.wordpress.com)
    poetry in education
    creativity in education
    everyday spirituality
    redefining isms
    freedom from conditioning…
    I need some comments on the popularity of such ‘not exciting’ stuff

  2. Doug Norton

    For me, I find that blogging is a great way to force myself to keep up with all the news.

    Not only that, when I want to find out what is going on I have a great time reading other peoples’ blogs. It literally becomes an ongoing conversation.

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  4. I started blogging when a private school expelled my daughter. it was th eonly place I could tell my story after the school’s lawyers told me I could not contact their trustees or anyone from the place. I had my say and have since evolved into a humor/political blog.

  5. Emma

    I think a blog cannot be anything else but personal. It is the personal view about social stories that create and spark debate. For example my blog Emmalifetips.blospot.com will feature a lot of personal sentiments all intertwined with social facts. Any topic can be amazing when you present it with interesting facts and personal opinions. The bottom line is to talk about something passionately.


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