1. When my grandmother died and we were discussing what music to play at her funeral, I remember my grandfather saying, “She always loved that son: ‘You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.” That just blew me away because I never thought of that as a song people identified with as contemporary–ever–kind of like when you flip on Garrison Keillor and hear some NPR literati singing “Oh Clementine.”

  2. alza2

    wouaouuuu ! That’s a great mystery question !

    Actually, my parents don’t listen to music… My mom does a little during parties with her friends, but my dad just doesn’t. During their wedding it must have been quite boring…

    I guess they both know the Iranian national anthem.

    Anyway, know they do hear music, when I go back to their house and put the stereo at the maximum volume as I always used to, there…

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