When 2.0

Phil Burns, aka Phil801, COO of Provo Labs (which will be announced soon), flew to San Jose last night to attend Esther Dyson’s When 2.0 seminar at Stanford University.

Sometimes you look at the list of speakers and attendees at a conference and you think it would be worth any price and any sacrifice to be there. In this case you’ve got Ray Ozzie (running Microsoft’s strategy for Windows Live and Office Live), Mitch Kapor, and key people from Technorati and Riya among others.

Today’s I’m lecturing at BYU to Phil Windley’s class and my students are all doing their team project reports this afternoon, so I had to forgo the When 2.0 event on time and timing.

I’m hoping someone at When 2.0 figures out how to do real-world time shifting, so, Tivo-like, we can attend more than one event at a time.

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