When you don’t have time to blog, at least share what you are reading

My Google Reader (for RSS feeds–highly recommended!) now has a wonderful “share this” feature, which allows me to quickly tag the best news stories that I read each week, even when I don’t have time to blog about them.

Then, those shared items show up online for others to view. My shared items can be found here.

Soon, I hope to have my shared items incorporated into my own paulallen.net web site, but that will take a bit of development work. And my blog developer has 6 priorities ahead of this one.

Speaking of paulallen.net, I was happy to discover yesterday that Yahoo Denmark now ranks paulallen.net the #2 top result for the search “paul allen.” In fact, several Scandinavian sites did the same thing. (No wonder I get so much email from all over the world for the Microsoft billionaire!)

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  1. It seems like this idea of sharing content is gaining in popularity. FaceBook launched a sharing feature not too long ago. I love watching the path the internet is taking allowing internet users to better customize their media stream based on recommendations from trusted sources. I think this idea of content sharing and social media in general will be a big topic discussed online this year, as it beings to go more mainstream.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Within Google reader in your shared items section it says

    “Put a clip on your site or blog
    You can also copy and paste code to put a clip of your shared items on your site.”

    I use this on my Blog and works nicely.

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