Why You Must Attend Industry Conferences

I’m adding David Hornik to my Blog Roll. He is a venture capitalist
with August Capital (and helped with the Six Apart investment) and is
one of the best VC bloggers I’ve found so far. He made one post about time management for VCs at 4 am. You gotta love that.

Here’s a post by Hornik–the best post I’ve ever seen on the value of attending conferences.
If you want to learn more in less time than in any other way: go to
industry conferences. If you want to meet the best and brightest that
are moving and shaking: go to conferences. If you want to do business,
raise capital, find companies to invest in, or form partnerships: go to

If you are not budgeting time and money to attend industry conferences,
chances are the industry will simply pass you by and you’ll be left

Back in the ’98 – ’01 timeframe I went to almost every Jupiter internet
conference I could, and also ABA, and ALA, as well as many other
conferences on technology, including the first ever wireless
conference. They provided huge benefits for me and my company.

For the last few months I’ve been overwhelmed with church and family
responsibilities as well as being consumed by my startup companies. But
I’m looking ahead once again and hope to get back to a minimum of a
conference a month.

For the rest of the year, please let me know which conferences you know of that simply can’t be missed.

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  1. Here’s an event that looks like it “simply can’t be missed.”. Below you will find a link to an article about it, and a list of participants taken from the article:


    “The event is supported by the search industry’s leading businesses as speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors including About.com, AdBrite, Alexa, Ask Jeeves, Atlas OnePoint, AvenueA, Bruce Clay LLC, ClickTracks, Commission Junction, Ebay, FindWhat, Google, InfoSearchMedia, Kanoodle, Looksmart, Microsoft’s MSN Search, Miva, MoreVisibility, Position-Tech, PRWeb, Quigo, SEOPR, SEO Inc, SiteLab, TrueLocal, Urchin, ViewMark, WebmasterRadio, and Yahoo.”

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