XM Satellite Radio Targets Cell Phones, PDAs, MP3 Players

In five years will we be carrying a portable device with 1 terabyte of storage that contains all of the text, audio, and video content that we want–wherever we go? Or will we carrying a portable device that has XM satellite radio channels and high-speed wireless access to all the content we will ever want on web servers around the planet?

I’m actually not sure. Maybe both. That’s why I like being in the content business. I have always believed and still believe that in the end, content is king. You build community around content, and that leads to commerce. Simple formula: it works over and over and over again.

XM Satellite is targeting portable devices now.

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  1. Hans Eric Melin

    The Queen should be energy then. Because if we should use the same device to listen to music, watch TV, make som videos, while still being able to talk as much as before, I really would like to have invested in the person that invented a battery that could cope with that.

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