Yahoo Mail Beta

The new Yahoo Mail beta is a tremendous improvement on Yahoo Mail, which frankly I have been tiring of.

The new version is so much faster, the interface is much more like Outlook. I like everything except the CAPTCHA system which still requires me as a paying Yahoo Mail customer to enter text from a scrambled graphic image almost every time I send an email. It drives me crazy.

But overall, I’m loving Yahoo Mail, and I’ll probably stick with it if I can figure out how to eliminate the CAPTCHA stuff. Does anyone know how I can avoid that?

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    i have this new beta mail and just wanted to try it,
    its on here and i cant seem to go back to the original. how do i get back,

  2. Adrian

    I just had the CAPTCHA come up on my paid Yahoo mail account. Yahoo is totally out of touch with their customers now. This is not acceptable.

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