YouTube hailed as advertising medium of the future –

YouTube hailed as advertising medium of the future –

My next Connect magazine article will focus on the power of online video in marketing and advertising. (I’ve been working on it today.) So I was glad to discover this article quoting Leo Burnett’s Chief Creative Officer saying YouTube is the ideal advertising platform of the future.

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  1. Dave Biesinger

    I think the key to understanding advertising for the YouTube generation was nailed in this article. People are smart and they don’t like being lied to or treated like they can’t handle the truth. Most people really want two things from media: to be informed and to be entertained. Advertising in the 21st century (when people are buying TVOs and purchasing dvds of their favorite TV shows to avoid advertising) MUST become both entertaining and informative. It must add value to the lives of the people it wishes to reach, not try to hijack their minds through repitition and subliminal messaging. People need to WANT to engage with brands and advertisers. If they don’t, they will eventually find a way to escape.

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