India Using Computerized Voting

India has more than 660 million registered voters. All of them will be using electronic voting equipment in the current election which runs through May 10th. More than 1 million computerized voting machines are being used in this massive election.

Instant Messaging and Social Networking: ICQ Universe

I haven't been a fan of instant messaging, but many of my co-workers swear by it. I just don't like constant interruptions when I am thinking, writing, researching or working on anything for that matter. I'm considering using MSN instant messenger with my new Suunto watch, but I still haven't decided if I want to be that reachable.

Top Political Web Sites

As we prepare to launch, a political web site service whose mission is to help every citizen get actively involved in self-government ("let your vote count every day" is our slogan), we are seriously researching all existing political web sites to see which sites are getting the most traffic. I have been analyzing dozens of the top sites and just built a web page showing the internet traffic levels for a few of the top political web sites. I'll be adding more later.

Winner of Largest Technology Award

Tim Berners Lee is the first winner of the world's largest technology award, a prize of $1.23 million awarded by the Finnish Technology Award Foundation for inventing the simple protocols that created the powerful world wide web. Definitely well deserved. The fact that he never commercialized his invention but rather made it a public good -- with the huge adoption rates that followed -- guarantees him a place as one of the innovators with the greatest impact in the history of the world. The web has completed changed the world.

Businesses With Most Patents in 2003

From USPTO, January 2004

Top 10 Private Sector Patent Recipients for the 2003 Calendar Year

Christian Satellite TV Network

I just got an interesting email about Sky Angel, an alternative TV delivery satellite system (with both Christian and clean secular TV programming) that aims to have 1 million subscribers by 2005. It competes with DishNetwork and DirecTV; apparently it operates on the same equipment as the DishNetwork (but not at the same time). It offers 36 Christian and family radio and TV channels at present.