Gator files for IPO as Claria Corporation

The company formerly known as Gator, much hated in the industry by web site publishers and much beloved by aggressive internet marketers, has filed its S-1. The numbers are amazing: more than $90 million in revenue and net income of almost $35 million. Very strong numbers indeed, for what many people consider a bottom-feeder.

Google Web Alerts and News Alerts

I didn't realize Google offered both News Alerts and Web Alerts, but I must have inadvertantly signed up for a Web Alert about vSpring (a Utah venture capital firm) because I got one today. Google found a web site that contained an article about vSpring that must not have been there before.

So to my previous blog about signing up for Google News Alerts, I must now add, sign up for Web Alerts too for all the keywords/topics you are tracking.

Own a Little Stock in Lots of Companies

My Bristol-Myers-Squibb 2003 annual report came in the mail yesterday. I scanned it this morning and noticed a few interesting things and had a new business idea as a result. It reminded me of some advice I've given to entrepreneurs in the past that I'd like to blog about: own 1 share of as many companies as you can in the industries you are interested in.

As a shareholder, you'll receive annual reports and other shareholder notices. These are excellent opportunities to see the big picture, learn what the company is saying to its stakeholders, and how it's operations are doing.

I love my Suunto watch

I love my Suunto phone with MSN direct internet service. I get news headlines, stock quotes, weather and now sports scores for my favorite NBA teams. I recharge the watch about twice a week. It's no problem. My favorite feature, though, is having my Outlook appointments sent to my watch. This is all done through FM radio transmission. It's way cool. Highly recommended (though a bit pricey).

Kudlow & Cramer on TV

I love Kudlow & Cramer, but have missed it for about two weeks. Finally I realized the time slot had been switched. So I set my PVR to record it every day at 3:00 pm. I just caught 10 minutes of today's show. They highlighted Yahoo's break-out earnings, Dell's revised guidance upwards, and interviewed the CEO of SIRIUS (a satellite radio company) that has struck deals with at least three major auto manufacturers. I love Larry Kudlow and Jim Cramer and how bullish they are on tech stocks because of productivity and profits.

Tim O’Reilly’s “Digital Democracy” Teach-In

I attended the first day of the Emerging Technology summit hosted by Tim O'Reilly in San Diego in February. Phil Windley blogged the entire event. Infobase Ventures is now working with Dan Taggart and Phil on a new startup company in the online politics space. Phil is also publishing, which is getting momentum. I received an email this morning from one of the Utah gubernatorial campaign managers who asked all supporters to visit to participate in an online poll. Competition among ideas and campaigns can drive huge participating in online political web sites. Our hope is not to build a flash-in-the-pan site, tied to one cause or one election, but a service that will inspire and enable participation in self-government for the long term.

Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum Lunch

Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum Lunch, April 8th, 11:45 pm, Provo Marriott

Featured speaker will be Warren Osborn, successful serial entrepreneur. (I met Warren years ago: he�was one of our first board members and investors in

His new company Seastone provides more than 100 million tin containers�for direct marketing and packaging purposes each year. He has strong manufacturing and business connections in China.�He harvested his first company, a very successful video duplication company in the 90s.

Competitive Market Research

I recently demonstrated to a BYU business school class several online tools that I regularly use for market research and competitive intelligence. My premise was that if a business person is omniscient, then the chance that they will create a business that succeeds is 100%. (I suppose there is always a risk of execution failure if you are not also omnipotent, but that's not my point). Omniscience is not possible in this world. But the more knowledge and intelligence you have about an industry and all of its players, the more likely you are to create a successful venture.

So what powerful internet tools can help you gather all known information about industries and companies so that you can more quickly create a successful strategy and alliances for your own business?

My father taught me about SIC codes (now NAICS codes) which the government uses to classify all economic activites.