Wiki Developer Wanted

If you have ever created a successful public Wiki before, or know someone who has, please let me know.

There is an interesting early American genealogy data collection that could come to life if it were used to seed a Wiki. The owners of the data were intrigued when I shared with them the amazing success of, the open source encyclopedia that is poised to eat Britannica's lunch, and they wanted me to ask my readers: are there any volunteers who could help set up a Wiki for them?

Marketing/PR Exec Moving to Utah

A great friend of mine who was formerly Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Novell and who has a great track record spanning 15 years in high-tech (Dallin Smith White (DSW), WordPerfect, Novell, Brodeur Worldwide and Overland Storage)

Calling Old Infobases Customers

This is a shot in the dark, but here goes...

If you were once an avid user of the Infobases 1997 Collectors Library CD ROM and are willing to be involved in designing the 2005 edition, please let me know. (You can email me through the little email envelope icon on the left/bottom side of your screen)

Most Powerful Internet Marketing Tactic

The most powerful internet marketing tactic that I know (and I am an admitted lover of affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, and email marketing) is to disrupt the marketplace by giving away something that is valuable. Preferrably, something that your leading competitor is selling. Something that is selling well.

Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr.

I just filled out a survey to tell the future governor of Utah what I think should be done to create a good business environment in the state of Utah. I'm glad politicians are using the internet to get feedback. I hope it becomes an essential part of governing.

I wish Utah didn't treat capital gains as normal income, for taxation purposes. Utah shouldn't make it tempting to move to Nevada before selling one's company.

But for the record, my major concern about Utah is not economic--it's education. According to the 2001 Manhattan Institute report, Utah is in 49th place -- trailing Hawaii only -- in education freedom. The report explains: