Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr.

I just filled out a survey to tell the future governor of Utah what I think should be done to create a good business environment in the state of Utah. I'm glad politicians are using the internet to get feedback. I hope it becomes an essential part of governing.

I wish Utah didn't treat capital gains as normal income, for taxation purposes. Utah shouldn't make it tempting to move to Nevada before selling one's company.

But for the record, my major concern about Utah is not economic--it's education. According to the 2001 Manhattan Institute report, Utah is in 49th place -- trailing Hawaii only -- in education freedom. The report explains:

Agilix Seeks to Revolutionize Education

Curt Allen, founder of Folio Corporation, and former CEO of (chiefly responsible for our raising $90.5 million in venture capital) is at it again. (He's also my brother and is responsible for getting me into electronic publishing and the computer industry 16 years ago--and I'm darn proud of him!)

Family Vacation; Working on my First Book

Life is good. I just ended a family vacation to Cedar City, home of the Tony Award winning Utah Shakespeare Festival, where we caught four productions, with a little side trip to Las Vegas, where we saw Mystere, again. The highlight of the trip for me was driving home on northbound I-15, where I googled with one hand for the nearest Jamba Juice on my Blackberry 7230, as follows:

phonebook:jamba, nv