Agilix Seeks to Revolutionize Education

Curt Allen, founder of Folio Corporation, and former CEO of (chiefly responsible for our raising $90.5 million in venture capital) is at it again. (He's also my brother and is responsible for getting me into electronic publishing and the computer industry 16 years ago--and I'm darn proud of him!)

Family Vacation; Working on my First Book

Life is good. I just ended a family vacation to Cedar City, home of the Tony Award winning Utah Shakespeare Festival, where we caught four productions, with a little side trip to Las Vegas, where we saw Mystere, again. The highlight of the trip for me was driving home on northbound I-15, where I googled with one hand for the nearest Jamba Juice on my Blackberry 7230, as follows:

phonebook:jamba, nv

Paul Allen to buy 5 times more Google shares because of the anti-Google Media frenzy

I have been stunned at how many sharks smell blood and are circling Google and attacking with vicious criticism. They bemoan the Dutch auction approach, the voting rights, the price range being over $100 per share. Google has gone from being the best loved internet company in the world, doing everything right, to being attacked and hated by the media, investors, and everyone else almost overnight. Meanwhile, Google is in their quiet period and can't respond or participate in the debate.

The firestorm, the media frenzy will soon pass. I can't wait.

Why I like “The Game of Work” by Chuck Coonradt

Infobase Ventures' web site has a page that lists resources for entrepreneurs, primarily internet entrepreneurs. We have scores of valuable links: to sites that we use regularly, to tools that are valuable, and to books and articles that we have used successfully to build companies in the past. This morning I realized that I haven't listed on our Reading List for Entrepreneurs one of the most practical business books that I've ever read.

Jim Cramer Autobiography

I'm captivated by Jim Cramer's autobiography, Confessions of a Street Addict. I'm just finishing reading about's IPO in 1999, a real insiders view of the bubble. I watch Kudlow and Cramer as often as I can. Jim Cramer is a real character, and really smart, and really entertaining. His book has really helped me understand more about Wall Street. I admit to being ignorant of many things--my college degree is in Russian, not business.