iCount growing fast

iCount is about to hit 4,300 registered users. Our soft launch has been more successful than we thought it would be. With our new visibility, we are now talking with several individuals and companies about how we can enhance the service and empower more Americans to be involved in the political process.

Nanosys Withdraws IPO

Nanosys withdrew it's highly anticipated IPO. Maybe there won't be a nanotech bubble anytime soon. Darn. I like bubbles. One friend told me he took a bath during the last bubble.

Open Source CRM Application Company Gets Funding

Draper, Fisher, Jurvetson (DFJ), my favorite VC firm, has just invested $2 million in SugarCRM Inc., an open source developer of CRM software. The company was formed earlier this year by three experienced Silicon Valley execs. Using open source development, they are launching their first commercial CRM application in record time.

"In less than two months SugarCRM has had over 6,500 downloads of its software and over 100,000 visitors to its open source project and sugarcrm.com websites."

MP3 Player Stats; New Rio

Rio is second to apple in retail sales of MP3 players:

"In May, Rio ranked second to Apple in the MP3 player market, holding a 14.6 percent share compared to Apple's 39.2 percent, according to the latest figures available from The NPD Group, which tracks sales at retail stores."

Rio challenges the mini-iPod with the new Rio Carbon: