Skype Introduces API

Skype strikes again. They have introduced an API for developers that will allow software and web sites to offer integrated Skype functionality (free long distance calling to other Skype users). It's free for non-commercial applications; there will be some licensing fees for commercial uses.

Perpetual Philanthropists

Yesterday I lectured at a Brigham Young University course titled "Spiritual Issues in Management". This course is taught by the incredibly talented Yvette Arts and provides 2 religion class credits and 1 business credit. I wonder if any other university offers a course such as this.

I was asked to address the topic of ethics and wealth. I discussed my own experiences in entrepreneurship and raising venture capital and the challenge of overcoming negative feelings against others when the company I founded ended up being controlled by others.

Help Earn Money to Buy a Horse

A great email from one of my readers:

Since you are such an proponent of Internet entreprenuerism, I thought you might enjoy seeing what my 8 year daughter has pulled off for about $50. Take a look at

Reading List for Internet Execs

I'm halfway done re-reading Permission Marketing by Seth Godin, the classic text (written in 1999) for internet marketers. This time, in good Tim Sanders fashion, I'm marking the book up like crazy and making it mine. Permission Marketing was very influential at Problem was, whenever I read a key book, I'd give my copy away and never see it again.

Finders Keepers, Founders Weepers

I have heard that Ray Noorda (Novell fame) used to say, "Finders Keepers, Founders Weepers" to indicate that most of the time inventors and entrepreneurs don't end up with much. Business savvy investors and later stage business managers can often clean up for themselves, leaving entrepreneurs with nothing but the pride of knowing what they started.