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One of my primary career goals is to promote entrepreneurship in developing nations and all around the world. I love how entrepreneurs can change the world and I think the world needs more people who think positively about what they can do to make a difference and fewer people who sit back and wait for the government or for their company to provide something for them to do. It’s easier to “make meaning” (Guy Kawasaki) when you start your own enterprise.

I recently saw stats that indicated that about 12% of adult Americans would like to start their own business. I know New Zealand and some other countries have a high degree of entrepreneurship as well. I love to see this.

The Entrepreneur’s Manual (1977) suggests that before entrepreneurs start a company they should develop personal requirements including defining what they want from life. This is powerful stuff:

(1) Since your startup is nothing more than a vehicle which will allow you to meet your life’s requirements, your company must be in complete harmony with your personal life style needs.

(2) If you are going to attract strong individuals to join your founders’ team, these individuals will swiftly detect if you are directionless and will lose respect for you. Then they will walk all over you.

(3) If you wish to be an officer and a leader in your own startup, you’ll require a solid personal foundation to cope with the many pithy problems that will arise.

(4) When you go before the venture capitalists [or angel investors] for funding, you’ll discover that they are greatly interested in your motivations and will invest considerable time and efforts to determine what makes you “tick.” These people become greatly disturbed if instead of clear, clean, and well-thought-out replies, you give them weak or fuzzy answers.

(5) The biggest reason for understanding youself is that if you select a startup that is in total harmony with your inner self, then you’ll consider your work as the high point of your day. If you select a startup that is in friction with your real self (it’s easy to do), then your personal goals and objectives will be in discord with your company’s priorities and both you and your company will suffer.

Michael Gerber (E-Myth author) says most new company owners find that they are slaves to their company, rather than the company being a vehicle for their personal satisfaction and prosperity. He gives great advice on how to avoid this (work “on the company” not just “in the company.)

So why is the title of this post, “Blogging for the World” if all I’m doing is talking about entrepreneurship?

Because I have decided that my “inner self” is motivated to share ideas about entrepreneurship with more than just the English-speaking world. I want to blog and provide web resources for entrepreneurs in several languages.

I studied Spanish for several years, then majored in Russian in college. And I have a burning desire to learn Mandarin. But alas, I’m not capable at the present to blog in any of these languages.

So I’m looking for native speakers with business experience who are willing to translate my blog and resources pages into any of several languages, including the following languages:

SpanishRussianChinese (Mandarin)PortugueseFrenchJapaneseKoreanGermanItalian

This isn’t for the money. This is for the opportunity to connect with entrepreneurs worldwide, learn with them and from them, and find the satisfaction that comes from helping people, turning strangers into friends, etc.

Think about it. If you can do this or know someone who can, please let me know.

If you know of any multi-lingual entrepreneurial bloggers today, I’d love to know about them.

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  1. Mi guel Pancardo

    Damn!!! nothing it is done by chance dude, first time i read your blog, new year, im defining my goals and find this!!! im an spanish native speaker working on my owm company too and helping other people to founf their owns companies!!! ill be glad to help you to translate anyhting you want.

    Please count me in.

  2. Erica

    I don’t know if you are still looking for interpreters, as these comments seem to be a couple of months old, but I am available. I am bilingual (english and italian), hold a BA in Italian, and have teaching, editorial and translating experience in the field. Contact me if you’re interested.

    Good luck!

  3. I am a prophet, wanting to know is your post would work for TRUTH?

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  4. Terence Reis

    Hi Paul,

    Loved the prophet comment…

    I just ran across your blog, and as I subscribed it to Bloglines started reading almost all your posts.

    I really enjoy your views, and the way you approach entrepreneurship. I’m a brazilian entrepreneur myself, a bootstrapper by nature. Right now I’m running a webshop and a mobile software house, and looking forward for even new chalenges.

    If you`re still interested on having someone translating your resources to portuguese, I think I can help you. I’m setting up my blog, focusing on entrepreneurship, and I think your posts will be an amazing contribution.

    And, if there’s no need anymore, I hope we can exchange ideas.



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