Josh Coates Speech at UVEF

If you live in Utah and want to excel as an entrepreneur, I highly recommend joining the Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum. I've been attending forum lunches for about 8 years. Today's meeting was one of the best ever. Josh Coates, Silicon Valley entrepreneur and founder of scale8 (they raised more than $80 million) spoke to us today. He spent 30 minutes on the right way to develop enterprise products--by including potential customers in every step of the design process.

While at scale8 he personally visited about 80 large companies in three months talking to their IT teams to find out what storage technology they needed. His passion for understanding customers was evident when he showed us a few of the 8,000 quotes he had fastidiously recorded (almost verbatim) in his design review sessions. Imagine having 8,000 quotes from your potential customers about what they want in a solution--before you complete version 1.0!