USA Today: Gadgets on College Campuses

Here's a USA Today article that reviews the feverish adoption rate of technology on college campuses and some of the innovative experiments that are taking place. Duke provided 1,650 freshmen students iPods last year--for educational purposes. University of Maryland provided 400 MBA students with Blackberries. UNC-Chapel Hill requires all students to own a laptop. IT spending is way up at colleges.

Acquisition and Turn-Around Strategy

Being so focused on starting businesses from scratch, I have overlooked one mode of value creation which others have used very effectively: buying a company with great products or services but poor marketing, and turning on the growth engines.

I recently met two businessmen who systematically find underperforming companies and turn them around. Last week I also talked with two companies that are raising capital, going public, and then using their stock to do a "roll-up" strategy (where they acquire multiple companies) to create value.

Searching for Open Source Code

When Jeff Bezos introduced Amazon's search engine's OpenSearch project, he mentioned I checked it out. claims to be the leading search engine for open source code. It's Alexa chart shows it is rapidly gaining in popularity. I think this will be a great resource for developers and entrepreneurs.