Toshiba: Nanotech Battery Charges 60 Times Faster

Toshiba is using nanoparticles to some how charge lithium-ion batteries 60 times faster than today. This will be commercialized beginning next year. This is one of the first commercialized nanotech announcements I have seen; but in the coming years we will see of thousands of nanotechnology ideas getting to market. I think by 2020 much of our material world will be influenced by nanotechnology: housing, energy, clothing, transportation, communication, agriculature, medicine and manufacturing.

Portable TV

I've been happy to see a decline in TV viewing as internet usage continues to climb. Even since reading Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business, by Neal Postman, I've been worried about our civilization, as we slouch (as most couch potatoes do) towards gomorrah. But Microsoft's Portable TV initiative might give television a shot in the arm.