LinkedIn vs the Big City After Hours Bar

In New York and San Francisco, a lot of business networking happens after business hours at bars and other venues. There are places to go almost nightly, where co-workers hangout together and people meet new people. Back in 1999 one of my co-workers in particular was the king of San Francisco after hours business networking--he knew everyone at other SF dot coms. Such networking leads to cross-pollination of ideas and deal-making and has a very positive impact on business.

2004 Deal Flow Report from MWVG

Yesterday I attended the Mountain West Venture Group annual Deal Flow lunch where the 2004 Deal Flow report was handed out. Here's a report from the Salt Lake Tribune.

Activity is picking up in Utah, but the Deal Flow report misses a lot of early stage funding activity: Infobase Media ($1.15 million), Firepoll and SilentWhistle are three companies I'm aware of that aren't listed in the report. I bet they miss most angel financings.

They announced the following for 2004:

Keeping Up on Utah Business

A lawyer visiting from Texas (BYU alum) asked me yesterday about the most exciting companies in Utah and the sectors where I am seeing the most startups. I told him I'm more entrepreneur than investor, so I haven't mentally categorized the hottest sectors for startups, but I did mention that Governor Leavitt had in mind 9 "economic ecosystems" where he thought Utah companies could do well.

Linkedin Profile Link

I got an email from an employee of this week and saw a link to his LinkedIn profile page in his email signature line. I wanted to test a link to my own profile before I add it to my permanent site navigation. You have to be a member of with "remember my password" checked in order for this link to work: Paul Allen on

5 Most Valuable Services Most Entrepreneurs Can’t Afford

I was very fortunate to be involved from the beginning of an internet startup that achieved positive cash flow (by July 1998) before raising outside capital. This required some self-funding, bootstrapping, and using all the online marketing tactics that we could discover. It also helped that we sold annual subscriptions to our online databases. We would collect the money up front, but recognize the revenue over a full twelve months. So we achieved positive cash flow well before we reached profitability.