Wired Magazine snippets

Here are some tidbits from the March issue of Wired magazine which I read last night. (I also read the first 60 pages of Innovators Solution by Clayton Christensen--a fantastic book!)

Hi5’s Rocket Growth

Today I received an invitation from a friend to join Hi5.com, another social networking site. I just about called it a new site, but it already has 7 million members and it's Alexa ranking is phenomenal. I declined to join, because it seems to be about friendship and fun, not business networking. I tried Friendster last year and dropped it quickly.

Raising Capital: Can Intermediaries Help?

A friend of mine doesn't have many angel investor connections so he wants to go through a third-party finding company to locate sources of capital and to set up investor presentations. (His company has been profitable for 6 quarters and is growing steadily.) One of the companies he is considering using is Power Funding Strategies of Scottsdale, AZ. Has anyone heard of them who can comment on their credibility?