Business Ignitor Series Wrapup

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I was priveleged to speak at the first Utah County Business Ignitor
series today put on by Connect Magazine, with Sponsors WSGR, 10x
Marketing, and Tucanos. I think there were 60-80 people there,
including lots of the Junto Partners from the 2005 group, and a lot of
good networking was going on.

It’s always fun to talk about changing the world through
entrepreneurship, and guaranteeing success by "approaching omniscience"
through gaining knowledge from books and from others through constant
networking and learning.

But what will make this event most memorable to me was the very
interesting and poetic introduction that Mark Bonham made of me. I

Dreaming, but not sleepy
Creative, but not slick
Gadgets, but not gimmicks.
Technology, but not trash.
Analysis, but not paralysis
CEO, but not "See ME go"
Information, but not overload
Ideas, but not without ideals
Startups, but not stirrups
Websites, but not web-frights
Infobase Ventures, but not Vulcan Ventures
Numbers, but not without people
Marketing, but not maddening
Boyish looks, but manic ideas
Blogs, but not clogs
Energy, but not anarchy
Books, but not bookish
Innovation, but not annihilation
Happy, but not giddy
prosperous, but not wealthy
forceful, but not demanding
MyFamily.com, but not to forget "my family" at home
Paul Allen . . .

Mark, don’t sue me for posting this without your permission. But please
accept my very sincere thanks for your kindness and thoughtfulness.
This is really very touching. How lucky I am to have a poetic attorney
and friend!

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3 Responses

  1. Paul, the introduction given for you by Mark Bonham was entertaining, but your words we’re inspiring. I can relate to your story about growing up with an anti-business sort of attitide but later seeing the value in business and entrepreneurship. I recently finished reading the book Love Is The Killer App, wich you mentioned in your speech, and found it a very worthwhile read. I will definetly implement Tim Sanders Lovecat mentallity in my own life. Once again, thanks for your words.

  2. Thanks Paul for the comments. There don’t seem to be many principle oriented “founders” or “finders” – I am sure all that attended appreciated the sincerity and insight.

  3. Allan Wood

    Your comments were very insightful, and I’m glad I came down from Logan to check out the business igniter kick-off event. For one of my MBA classes I recently read an article that I thought applied very well to one concept you spoke of, specifically, the increased success of teams that have previously worked together. The article is “From Initial Idea to Unique Advantage: The Entrepreneurial Challenge of Constructing a Resource Base” by Candida G. Brush, Patricia G. Green, and Myra M. Hart (Academy of Management Executives, 2001, Vol. 15 No. 1)
    It presents a resource-based view of entrepreneurship with the aim of guiding entrepreneurs in their development of a resource base through a comparative case study of Palm Computing and Handspring. It details the vast resource-related differences between the two ventures, even though Jeff Hawkins used practically the same management talent for each of them. For example, “While each team member was individually strong, their working together in a very similar setting meant they had significant tacit knowledge, not only about the product line and the technology, but also about each other’s personal strengths, weaknesses, and working styles. The Handspring startup began with deep supplier and customer knowledge that the founders were able to apply immediately. The shared experience of the team members became the basis of more complex resources, or firm capabilities, founded in learned understandings. This know-how type of knowledge in the collective is also generally recognized as a more difficult set of capabilities and competencies to imitate.” The article then goes into some theories about resource development (identifying, attracting, combining, and transforming personal resources into organizational ones).

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