Crime Data Overlays on Google Maps

I can imagine a world where billions of people have portable devices (cell phones or mobile computers) with Google Maps.

They'll be able to choose from thousands of databases wherever they are, and can overlay them on top of Google Maps, providing them with incredibly interesting and useful information for planning travel, shopping, housing decisions, and more.

Two weeks ago in Price, Utah I demonstrated Google Maps and Satellite Images with Local Search (way cool!) and told the audience to image Froogle data on top of Google Maps: where is the nearest place that I can buy X? I'm sure that won't be far off. And it will be on our mobile phones soon enough.

Here's an interesting one:

Brilliant Minds–In Person

Last month I heard Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger pontificate for 5-6 hours at the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting in Omaha. And now I'll be able to tell my children and grandchildren someday that I once saw the world's richest man, assuming he passes Bill Gates this year, but more importantly that I studied the ideas of the world's greatest investor. It cost me a weekend and a few hundred dollars to attend this event. Every time I see in person one of the brilliant people of our generation, I come away a different person, with a mind full of new

John Bresee of Speaks Thursday

Our Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum lunch Thursday May 12th at 12:00 noon at the Provo Marriott will be outstanding. John Bresee, co-founder of will share his experiences with our group. Please RSVP at Lunch is only $20 for non-members and will be well worth your time. John is an outstanding internet entrepreneur and marketing and strategist and operations guy. Greg Ellis from AuctionVideo will be our spotlight speaker.

Stretching Startup Dollars

One of the most impressive young entrepreneurs in the state of Utah shared with me this week some of the ways he has cut corners and cut costs to preserve his cash. I was super impressed. I don't know how you teach this, but entrepreneurs who have instincts and smarts about cash preservation combined with creativity and operational skills will succeed big.

Never Eat Alone

I'm reading a book that Tim Sanders recommended, Never Eat Alone. The author claims that no one succeeds alone and that the key to success in business is generosity. He says the most important thing we do in business and in life is form relationships. Which is why I can't understand how so many people meet so many other people and don't exchange business cards or contact information. The author has a Palm with 5,000 people who will all return his calls. Life is about who you know. The richness of life comes from relationships.

Blackberry Beating Palm

I love my Blackberry. I can't imagine why all executives don't get one, unless their thumbs are too big. I do the vast majority of my email on the go and save myself an hour a two of day of sitting at my computer. (But I admit, there are a lot of people who work for me and with me that won't take my advice and make this investment.)

Senator Bennett’s Rural Business Conference

Senator Bob Bennett held his 4th annual Rural Business Conference yesterday, this year in Price, Utah. Attendance was strong. Keynote speeches were given by Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr., the Entrepreneur's Governor, and Dr. Patrick Byrne, CEO of, founder of, and all-around brilliant human being. I'll post my notes later.

Notes to Myself from Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Meeting

The Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting was fabulous. A great experience to sit at the feet of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. (Thanks Darren, for making this trip possible!)

I love my blackberry. I was able to take a lot of notes during the Q&A session which lasted about five hours. I am not a trained reporter, and my notes may contain a few mistakes (I've caught and corrected a few already), so please don't accept this as an accurate transcript. Like my post says, these are notes to myself, and in places they are rather cryptic.

Here goes: