Powering Businesses with Float

I never had much interest in banking or insurance until reading The Warren Buffett Way last year and realizing how Buffett made his fortune by investing the "float" from his insurance companies. Now I think about this concept all the time and wonder how it might be applied to my internet companies. From the 2004 Berkshire Hathaway Annual report:
"... Berkshire has access to two low-cost, non-perilous sources of leverage that allow us to safely own far more assets than our equity capital alone would permit: deferred taxes and "float", the funds of others that our insurance business

MarketingSherpa Disappoints?

I've never met a bigger fan of MarketingSherpa than myself. I've read hundreds of their case studies, attended their conferences, and purchased many reports. But the latest report on Landing Page Design (which I've merely glanced through while two of my marketing guys are reading it cover to cover) may be the first product I've ever been disappointed by. The reason is this: I'm a huge fan of the ClickMap feature of SiteCatalyst. In fact, years before they added Click Map to their