Most TV Ads Include URL

A reader sent me this link, which really surprised me. I guess I haven't seen TV commercials for a long time since I use a PVR and skip all commercials all the time. So it shocked me to learn than 51% of all TV ads include a URL, up from 18% in 1998.

Things I Love

I love blogging. Last month 23,000 unique visitors came to my web site, mostly to read my blog. Two weeks ago I blogged about how only 4 students had signed up for the Internet Marketing course at BYU that I'm scheduled to teach this fall. Now there are 32 enrolled. I love Wikis. Our team launched a Wiki last week for entrepreneurs. We have 8 volunteer editors so far who are going to help us recruit contributors and build a Wiki that contains thousands of quotes and "success tactics" from the most successful entrepreneurs of all time. Our hope is that entrepreneurs will use this Wiki to find new ideas by discovering what

VC Firms Increase Funding for Early Stage Startups

A report shows that early stage funding is increasing. $1.3 billion in venture capital flowed into early stage companies in the second quarter up from $830 million in the first quarter. I keep hearing that VCs are doing more early stage deals, but this is the first report I have seen that bears this out. Still, the 750 companies funded by VCs are a tiny number compared to probably 10-15,000 that are funded each quarter by angel investors (including friends and family, doctors and dentists and first-time and serial angels). That is why there is such a need for to match local entrepreneurs with local angels. According to Angel Investing (p. 146), a book published in 2000 by two Harvard Business School professors, "In the United States, angels invest in