Business Model for Blogging

Jason Calacanis of Weblogs, Inc., one of the few entrepreneurs to attempt to build a business around by aggregating and paying bloggers, posted the best article I've seen to date on how Google AdSense can support a content company. Last September, he says, who would have thought that they could generate $1 million in revenue without hiring a single sales person. Now they are generating as much as $2,000 per day from AdSense ads. Google, with their generous revenue sharing for content partners, will

Money Looking for a Team

You always hear about how much venture capital is out there, and that there is more capital than there are good ideas or good teams. Business 2.0, one of my favorite magazines, just interviewed 11 VCs to discover which idea they are most anxious to invest in right now, if only they can find a team to execute on it. Someone emailed this article to me and suggested that we could implement something like this on, so that angel investors could list the ideas that they are hoping to be able to fund. I love this idea, and we're going to experiment with it right away.

How to Have an Overnight Internet Success

My brother Curt, founder of Folio Corp, former CEO of, and current CEO of Agilix, a venture-backed company, is fond of saying telling how his company was going to be an overnight success...after 10 years of hard work. I believe that the single most important key to success in an online venture is doing the little things day after day for years and years until you magically reach the tipping point and everyone seems to have heard of you. In other words, persistence is required for most successful ventures. The reason that I love daily metrics -- keeping track of all the key operating statistics in your company day after day -- is that daily metrics tell me if we are persisting in something that is hopeless, or if we are persisting in something that is bound to reach the tipping point and bring us the success that we hope for. For example, when we launched's subscription service in