Google launches Google Talk; Skype gets aggressive

Since last year we have seen rumors about Google getting into the IM space and into the VOIP space. Today Google launched Google Talk, (here's a news story) an instant messaging client that incorporates voice as well. I searched Google for "Google Talk" and I went to (just a guess) and couldn't find anything. (They haven't pre-programmed their own index for this launch--I wonder how long it will take for them to be #1

Auctioning Consulting Services

It's nearly 3 am, and I'm having one of those sleepless nights, where my mind is racing with new ideas and lists of things I have to do. I know (from experience) that I won't get back to sleep until I've written things down. And while I'm at it, I decided to blog about one of these new ideas. For several months I've been contemplating a shift in my career from pure startup entrepreneur to venture capitalist. I've been studying the history of venture capital and have learned that many of the pioneers of the industry and many of the leading VCs today don't just look for deals, but they create them. They help form companies, generate business plans, recruit management, and act in many ways like founders--they just don't often run the companies. This appeals to me a great deal. In fact, it is really what I've been