MobiTV Hits 500,000 Subscribers

USA Today profiles MobiTV, the company that provides dozens of TV channels to cell phone subscribers. More than 500,000 customers are paying $10 per month to watch TV on a 1-2 inch screen. Does anyone know how MobiTV markets their service? I've never really seen it advertised. Do the carriers themselves promote it? And if so, how? The company also announced MobiRadio (50 satellite radio channels) as a separate subscription at a conference in San Francisco this week.

Utah Entrepreneurs Lead a Happy Life

Steve Gibson, whose license plate is MENTOR, is a successful business man who spends most of his time and resources giving back. He has backed some of the most successful startup companies in Utah. He teaches entrepreneurship at BYU. And he and his wife founded my favorite philanthopic organization, the Academy for Creating Enterprise, which trains entrepreneurs in the Philippines. He has faith in people and tries to help them succeed. He is one of my heroes.

MyFamily Hires New CEO

This week announced that Tim Sullivan has been appointed as the company's CEO. Tim's background includes time with Walt Disney, Ticketmaster-Online Citysearch, and most recently as CEO at From the press release, he seems ideally suited for the job of growing subscriptions worldwide. He has significant international experience. I am now an observer and not an active participant in the genealogy

Entrepreneurs: Save Money with Free Legal Docs

Many entrepreneurs can't afford to pay $200-300 per hour for legal help, especially with simple things like incorporating and simple contracts. There are many online libraries of legal docs, including some that exist and generate revenue because of Google AdSense. Today I found a consulting agreement on and used part of it for a new contract. has 40,000 pages indexed by Google. If you run this query: consulting
it returns an okay consulting contract.

We are making serious progress with our business. Soon we'll announce some new capital, new leadership, and some significant partnerships that will help this company move forward. I love how the internet can create so much visibility for a new business idea. What used to take years in business formation now takes months. If you know any angel investors or VCs, please encourage them to signup for (it's free) and look at some of the 543 business plans that have been posted there in the last few months. I'll be on a panel at the National Association of Seed and Venture Capital conference in Philadelphia next week, primarily to demonstrate the new DealFlow Suite (TM) which we make available to organized angel investor groups around the country.

Best Practices in Email

I'm always amazed when I see studies that show that the majority of marketers are not doing things right. Most companies don't understand search engine marketing; most don't use web analytics well. But the numbers reported by Silverpop surprised me, because email marketing has been around for so long. I thought more retailers would be using it effectively.

Most marketers don't use common email features such as personalization, dynamic content and advanced layout/design, according to Phase II of Silverpop's "2005 Retail Email Marketing Study," which Takeaways

Last week held their annual conference in Las Vegas. This week it's the Electronic Retailing Association, same place. If you haven't been to an internet conference recently, it's amazing how big things are getting and how fast things are moving. I visited every exhibitor at the event last and met at least a dozen companies that I hadn't heard of before that are doing interesting things in online marketing, comparison shopping, search, and web analytics. Here are a few impressions:

    Lunch with LoveSac Founder Shawn Nelson

    So I met Shawn a couple months ago at a rural economic development summit put on by Senator Bennett. Both of us were breakout speakers. We decided then to get together for lunch sometime. Monday I drove to the LoveSac world headquarters. After a few minutes, Shawn limped out. He told me he tore his ACL wakeboarding and had recently had surgery. So here's one of my most embarrassing moments ever: I asked him how they got him down from the mountain. He looked at my kind of funny and said, "I was wakeboarding." Duh. It doesn't get any worse than that. What was I thinking?!?