Lunch with LoveSac Founder Shawn Nelson

So I met Shawn a couple months ago at a rural economic development summit put on by Senator Bennett. Both of us were breakout speakers. We decided then to get together for lunch sometime. Monday I drove to the LoveSac world headquarters. After a few minutes, Shawn limped out. He told me he tore his ACL wakeboarding and had recently had surgery. So here's one of my most embarrassing moments ever: I asked him how they got him down from the mountain. He looked at my kind of funny and said, "I was wakeboarding." Duh. It doesn't get any worse than that. What was I thinking?!?

Google Enters Blog Search Space

It was only a matter of time. Today Google launched its Blogsearch engine at It is fast, but reviewers say it is not comprehensive enough. It looks like they started indexing my blog RSS feed a few weeks ago, but my early posts have not been crawled. When they start spidering all the old blog posts, and have the most comprehensive index in addition to their fast search, then they will be the most formidable blog search engine, in my opinion. I was glad to see 92 hits on the search "paul allen internet