Google Enters Blog Search Space

It was only a matter of time. Today Google launched its Blogsearch engine at It is fast, but reviewers say it is not comprehensive enough. It looks like they started indexing my blog RSS feed a few weeks ago, but my early posts have not been crawled. When they start spidering all the old blog posts, and have the most comprehensive index in addition to their fast search, then they will be the most formidable blog search engine, in my opinion. I was glad to see 92 hits on the search "paul allen internet

Most August IPOs (30) in Five Years

This morning I woke up with three ideas that I believe could be developed and sold to one of the major search engines within the next three years. I started wondering if the best exit strategy for an internet based startup these days is to position yourself to be acquired by Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft. And maybe even eBay. There is so much capital in these companies and they all seem to be anxious to do acquisitions. And the IPO market has seemed so sleepy for so long.

eBay acquires Skype

This is an incredible move. I would never have predicted that eBay would purchase Skype. But it will be very interesting how they integrate free VoIP into their auction business, and how much eBay will be able to accelerate the world-wide adoption of Skype. Especially when Google, Yahoo and MSN are all getting into this space as fast as possible. The bottom line is that consumers will win (great services for free) because of new technology and aggressive competition. eBay's stock is moving up slightly, while Google is up $8 and nearing its all-time high.

The Power and Speed of “We The People”

Last week I blogged about how individuals and communities can solve problems faster and better than government agencies can:
We are Americans. This is a land of liberty and self-government. It's all about "we the people." We have never hired our central government to take care of all of our needs. We are a free people and a generous people. Our history is filled with examples of private individuals caring for one another through private charity, churches, and organizations. We can solve problems and create

Google’s Amazing Hires–Now Include Vinton Cerf

The founder of recently complained that the cost of a good engineer in Silicon Valley is skyrocketing because Google's demand for top talent is creating a shortage for everyone else and wage inflation. Now Google has hired Internet pioneer Vinton Cerf who helped develop TCP/IP. He is going to be Google's Chief Internet Evangelist. (I guess that relegates me to the role of chief unpaid google evangelist. For an example of my enthusiasm for this company,

Contingent Value Rights

When a company is publicly traded and has a high daily trading volume, the market continually prices the shares, and buyers and sellers can trade the shares at any time. But when a company is privately held, there is usually little or no market for shares, even though the shares have some value. It is difficult to find buyers of privately held shares, precisely because there is no ready market for the shares if the buyer decides later to sell them. And pricing shares in a privately held company is also extremely tricky. I have heard of people overpaying wildly for privately held

Parents Using High Tech to Keep Track of Kids

Excerpts from Associated Press story:

The Schmidts use a service called Teen Arrive Alive, one of a few companies that work with Nextel wireless phones and a tracking service from uLocate Communications Inc. [This lets parents track where their children are driving and how fast.]

Other devices that track on-the-go kids include the Wherifone, a specialized locator phone that uses the Global Positioning System, and the CarChip, a device about the size of two nine-volt batteries stacked together that, installed in a vehicle, monitors speed, distance and driving habits.

Hire Students to Run Your First Pay Per Click Campaign

Memo: Pay Per Click Help Available To: Business Owners of the World From: Paul Allen, Instructor of Internet Marketing at Brigham Young University More than fifty students have enrolled in the Internet Marketing course at BYU this fall. In an effort to give each student hands on experience with internet marketing, I am hoping to find businesses who will let us set up and run their first pay-per-click keyword marketing campaign for them. My goal is to have at least a $100 budget for each student or student

Kuwait Pledges $500 Million

I just learned that Kuwait has offered $500 million in donations for Katrina disaster relief, following Qatar's pledge of $100 million. This is the best news I have seen so far, an amazing gesture from US allies in the Middle East (including the nation we we liberated from Iraq in 1991.) Other countries are also offering assistance. There is good in the world. This is a story that all our media should be reporting.