$1500 referral reward for Utah software engineering job

Robert Merrill, a Utah technical recruiter, is offering a $1500 reward for the person who helps one of his clients hire the right SQL engineer. He is using H3.com, a site that is getting a ton of press lately, to manage the referrals and referral fee payments. When I signed up at H3.com the following message was generated which I am supposed to email to friends who qualify for the SQL engineer position: Hi - I recently heard from a friend who asked me to help them fill a job

Josh Coates: Disruptive Entrepreneur Speaks

If you are in Utah Thursday, you have to pay $10 to hear Silicon Valley transplant Josh Coates speak about how to start a company and raise money. He is an incredible technologist with a disruptive business model and he knows how to raise capital. He likes to challenge the way the Utah angel and VC community fund startups. Josh likes the Silicon Valley way. The event will be at Los Hermanos in Lindon at 3:30 pm. Don't miss this.

Google Stock Price Soars

Google's stock price is soaring today. Google had $1.58 billion in revenue last quarter, exceeding expectations. The market cap is approaching $100 billion. Microsoft's is $265 billion. The gap continues to narrow. I just finished reading the excellent book "The Search" by John Batelle (co-founder of Wired Magazine and founder of the Industry Standard.) He has excellent insights on why search is so important, why Google is winning, and what the next generation of search might entail. He cites a leading technologist who says we are only 5% of the way there with our present search technology. There is so much more to do in this field. I had an idea this past week for a post-Google search engine. I actually think Google has an achilles heel in the long run, a weakness that stems from the way their algorithm is based on pure online democracy (which is not a good thing), where every page can vote with

Netflix: subscription marketing machine

A nice article by Motley Fool talks about how Netflix lowered prices in the past year to stave off competition from Walmart and Blockbuster. They will reach 4 million subs by the end of this year and project more than 5.5 million by the end of next year. Next year they will generate almost $1 billion in revenue. Impressive. Netflix has one of the best online marketing machines out there. They are everywhere. Entrepreneurs and students of internet marketing would do well to study all the ways Netflix markets their services.

The Importance of Writing Ideas Down

I like the story of Johnny Appleseed. Sometimes I feel a bit like him, planting seeds (starting companies) and watching them grow. As I told a good and wealthy friend yesterday, I think I will be tempted in the future, if my harvest ever comes, to stop doing startup companies myself, but instead, to just teach and write and blog about all the ideas that I think should happen. I currently have a list of about 50 ideas that I believe could turn

FundingUtah: Speed pitching for Entrepreneurs

Under the leadership of new CEO Brock Blake, FundingUtah.com is hosting its first ever speed pitching event for angel investors and entrepreneurs. The event will be held in Provo at the Marriott hotel. It will be limited to 50 angel investors and 10 entrepreneurs. This event shows how FundingUniverse.com will become more than just an online matching service for angel investors and entrepreneurs. The company will roll out all kinds of services to help entrepreneurs succeed, including events like this one. I keep telling my partners that Florida (with 26 investors and 176 entrepreneurs) is looking like a nice place to hold our next event. And we definitely need more people signing up in Hawaii (only 2 investors and 8 entrepreneurs), so I can start arguing for that location as well.

Executive Assistant with HR Experience Needed

A few months ago I wrote a very nice help wanted ad for the local university paper and got 15 resumes from highly qualified people. On Monday I wrote another ad, which has already run for 3 days, and I haven't received a single inquiry. I have called to revise it, but there is no excuse for a poorly written ad. I should have kept the earlier version rather than starting over. The earlier version emphasized the position and pay and "super-flexible hours"; the later one focused on what the company does. Not smart. What I'm looking for is a part-time HR manager/Executive Assistant for

A Billion Audio Players in 2009!

Sometimes you see market forecasts that blow your mind. I remember attending Jupiter conferences starting in 1995 where forecasts were made showing hundreds of millions of internet users worldwide in the coming years, and it was mind-boggling then. Now, estimates say we're over a billion internet users worldwide. Any time I see a billion of anything, I'm pretty impressed. So I was

Quotes from Business Leaders

I just noticed that a fairly large selection of quotes from business leaders has been added to the StrategyTree.com wiki. The beauty of a Wiki project is that any individual can add content and make the Wiki grow and become a useful resource. I want to thank the person(s) who created this section and encourage others who have collected inspiring quotes from business leaders and entrepreneurs to add them to this growing collection.