The Importance of Writing Ideas Down

I like the story of Johnny Appleseed. Sometimes I feel a bit like him, planting seeds (starting companies) and watching them grow. As I told a good and wealthy friend yesterday, I think I will be tempted in the future, if my harvest ever comes, to stop doing startup companies myself, but instead, to just teach and write and blog about all the ideas that I think should happen. I currently have a list of about 50 ideas that I believe could turn

FundingUtah: Speed pitching for Entrepreneurs

Under the leadership of new CEO Brock Blake, is hosting its first ever speed pitching event for angel investors and entrepreneurs. The event will be held in Provo at the Marriott hotel. It will be limited to 50 angel investors and 10 entrepreneurs. This event shows how will become more than just an online matching service for angel investors and entrepreneurs. The company will roll out all kinds of services to help entrepreneurs succeed, including events like this one. I keep telling my partners that Florida (with 26 investors and 176 entrepreneurs) is looking like a nice place to hold our next event. And we definitely need more people signing up in Hawaii (only 2 investors and 8 entrepreneurs), so I can start arguing for that location as well.