Google Stock Price Soars

Google's stock price is soaring today. Google had $1.58 billion in revenue last quarter, exceeding expectations. The market cap is approaching $100 billion. Microsoft's is $265 billion. The gap continues to narrow. I just finished reading the excellent book "The Search" by John Batelle (co-founder of Wired Magazine and founder of the Industry Standard.) He has excellent insights on why search is so important, why Google is winning, and what the next generation of search might entail. He cites a leading technologist who says we are only 5% of the way there with our present search technology. There is so much more to do in this field. I had an idea this past week for a post-Google search engine. I actually think Google has an achilles heel in the long run, a weakness that stems from the way their algorithm is based on pure online democracy (which is not a good thing), where every page can vote with