$1500 referral reward for Utah software engineering job

Robert Merrill, a Utah technical recruiter, is offering a $1500 reward for the person who helps one of his clients hire the right SQL engineer. He is using H3.com, a site that is getting a ton of press lately, to manage the referrals and referral fee payments. When I signed up at H3.com the following message was generated which I am supposed to email to friends who qualify for the SQL engineer position: Hi - I recently heard from a friend who asked me to help them fill a job

Josh Coates: Disruptive Entrepreneur Speaks

If you are in Utah Thursday, you have to pay $10 to hear Silicon Valley transplant Josh Coates speak about how to start a company and raise money. He is an incredible technologist with a disruptive business model and he knows how to raise capital. He likes to challenge the way the Utah angel and VC community fund startups. Josh likes the Silicon Valley way. The event will be at Los Hermanos in Lindon at 3:30 pm. Don't miss this.