Blogging from Stanford

My one day trip to California unexpectedly turned into two. Yesterday Dave Bradford and I had an incredible half hour meeting with the reigning VC champion of the world, Tim Draper. He is amazing. He liked our ideas for FundingUniverse but he freely gave us an even bigger idea, and our whole team is now on fire. Dave and I left the meeting amazed at how much value he added in just a few short minutes. I first met Tim in 1999 when was looking for our first venture capital. He and Steve Jurvetson both liked our idea, but we ended up getting a

Versatile and bright book-keeper needed

Infobase Ventures is expanding our operation. We need to hire someone to help us do accounting for all the companies that we are incubating. This will be a part-time position, probably 20 hours a week. We need someone who is excellent with Quickbooks and Excel, and who has experience with online banking. They have to leverage automation and technology to reduce overhead costs in accounting. The person must understand financial models, cash flow forecasting, and have some experience with cap tables (keeping track of company ownership through

Best Days for Email

This is my first WordPress blog where I have included an image. Happily it was very easy to do. I read a nice article that says Friday and Sunday emails get the highest open rates and click rates; while mid-week emails get the lowest. Here is the chart: Best Day to Send Emails

Getting to 15,000 page views a day

Expert claims: do these 26 things and in a year your web site (built from scratch) will be getting 15,000 page views per day. If you sign up for Google AdSense and your web site earns an eCPM of $5.00 (not that hard to do) on 15,000 page views then you site would be generating $75.00 per day in revenue. Keep growing your site, say to 30,000 page views a day with a eCPM of $7.50 and your income will be more than $6,500 per month.

Yahoo and Google Weather Reports; Legitimate Search Engine Tactics

Yahoo is now issuing "weather reports" to update all of us when they are doing major reindexing of the web, or reordering of their search engine rankings. They post updates on their Yahoo Search Blog at I am glad Yahoo is so open about their index updates. Yahoo search relevancy seems to be improving a lot. I just did a number of searches on keywords for industries that I have worked in and consulted in, and the results are very good.

Business Week Goof

This Business Week article about Google Analytics is confused and confusing. The author claims that Google's free analytics strategy "could spell disaster for search-engine optimization companies." But she doesn't seem to know the different between search engine marketing firms, online advertising agencies, and search engine optimization companies. She lumps everyone in web marketing that is not Google together into one mass and claims they are all in trouble.

My Three Week Absence

I miss blogging. Three weeks ago my blogging software stopped working. I tried a bunch of things and couldn't get it to work. So finally I called in my COO and asked him to manage my transition from Userland to WordPress. Phil Windley switched from Userland to Moveable Type, but Richard Miller convinced me to go to WordPress instead. So I'm finally back. And I am amazed by the things that have happened during the last three weeks that I've not blogged about. The pace of technological innovations continues to accelerate. Here are a few headlines that I've missed commenting on: