My New Blog Address

I have to admit I've been scared to death to switch my blog from where I've been blogging for more than 2 years, to, a domain that a friend recently gave to me. I've been afraid for many reasons. I thought I'd lose all my web site traffic. I've had an Alexa ranking in the 20,000-30,000 range, and I figured that when I turned on a new site somehow I would lose much of that traffic.

Attention Utah Entrepreneurs

The Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum has a great lineup for this Thursday's meeting. (Meeting will be April 13th at noon at the Novell Cafeteria.) I will probably be out of town, but otherwise would love to be there. I know all four speakers -- Adam Edmunds (Allegiance), Dave Bateman (PropertySolutions,, Brian Buetler (Alianza) and Gary Williams (BYU) -- they are superb. I hope at least 6-8 Provo Labs people make it to this luncheon.